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Internet Vision
About Us

Internet Vision was founded as an internet consulting firm in 1994. Our roots have been firmly embedded in internet technology since the earliest days of the World Wide Web.

Over the years our service offering has expanded to meet the increasingly sophisticated business and technology needs of our clients. Our expertise reflects the fact that to succeed in the current environment an online venture needs a well thought-out and well executed plan that meets business need with technological feasibility.

Internet Vision's consultants work with you to understand and help you formulate your Strategic and Tactical business goals, and to give you technology advice on the most appropriate way for your particular venture to implement its Software and Systems solutions.

And through our e-Workflow service, our consultants help you reap significant business benefits through the automation of your business process, or workflow, in a manner that is affordable, rapid and capable of delivering value in discrete stages.

Our expert Software and Systems developers work closely with your organisation to implement solutions such that you deliver on your immediate targets whilst at the same time ensuring that the longer-term health of your technology operation is not compromised.

We believe that this potent combination of Consulting, Development and e-Workflow expertise can have a rapid, significant and high-value impact.

Finally, we believe that every person and organisation should always strive for self-improvement. If you would like us to help you, please take a look at our Consulting and e-Workflow sections; if you could help us, please visit our Careers pages. back to top

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